Clash Of Clans Strategy Walkthrough- How To WIn

If you have been playing Clash of Clans on your iPhone or Android mobile device, you are probably already aware of how addictive and competitive the game can be. People from all over the world have been searching the Internet for an ultimate Clash of Clans strategy guide, but you have found it. Keep reading to learn the best ways to win Clash of Clans.

Gems, Gems, Gems!

This is probably the first tip that any new player should make themselves familiar with: you need to save your gems. You will begin the game with a set amount of gems, and the tutorial phase will automatically require you to use up some of them. Take a look at the amount of gems it costs to add new builders:

  • Builder two: 250 (this is added while completing the tutorial)
  • Builder three: 500
  • Builder four: 1,000
  • Builder five: 2,000

As you can see, it takes a lot more gems before you can get your fourth and fifth builder. However, the third one will not take that many, in the scheme of things. If you save up your gems, and do not spend them on anything that will simply require some effort on your part – it will not be long before you are able to construct buildings faster.

Clash of Clans Walkthrough

Cheap Units are Good

The natural instinct for most new players is to spend a lot on the best units in the game. Giants are extremely helpful, but they also cost loads. You could buy lots of cheaper unit, which are quicker to make as well, instead of getting a smaller number of more powerful units.

Since you are saving your resources by using cheaper units, you will be able to have more options. Don’t worry about being too weak, because you might have cheaper units – but you will have more of them!

Don’t Make Your Town Hall Too Powerful

You will probably want to upgrade your town hall as quickly as possible, and the game will make it seem like this is a good idea. However, many people do not realize that there is a penalty on how much loot you can take, if your town hall is a higher level than that of your enemy. For each level higher your hall is, you will take a cut in the amount of loot that you can steal.

Try to get your town hall to just level four, and then focus on improving your defences, research, and army camps. It is also a good idea to get your protective walls up to their highest possible level, before you move onto level five for your town hall. Do this before you attain each new level, as it will let you postpone taking on a higher loot penalty.

Matchmake Early in the Game

In order to make the game easier for beginners, there is a shield for the first few days of gameplay. However, you can lower your shield and start to find matches, by choice. You might think that this will leave you open to being defeated by high level players.

Keep in mind that there is a penalty on how much loot people can get from a lower level player. This means that people who know what they are doing probably will not want to attack you. That means that you can look around for bases that have resource collectors who are exposed. Take them on with a small group of goblins, barbarians, or archers.

If you do happen to be attacked by someone who is more powerful, it will not be a big deal. As a new clan, you do not have a lot to lose, so the odds of benefiting from this early matchmaking strategy are in your favor.

Find Ideal Targets Using Your “Next” Feature

If you are looking for trophies or resources that you can take, be sure to skip about with the “next” feature. Find the perfect place to attack, because it costs just a small amount of your gold to go to the next base.

This way you can avoid wasting your units on a poor choice of target. Because this is such a useful strategy for winning Clash of Clans, you should never spend all of your gold. If you use up your spendable gold on upgrades, you will not be able to skip around using the “next” feature.

Your Clan Castle is the Central Building

It probably does not come as much of a surprise that you should put your clan castle in the middle of your base. It is the most defensive building available to you, so be sure that you do not place it on the edge of your other structures. Your clan castle can send forth units to attack any enemy troops that come within range.

However, if you place your castle outside of your walls, they can be easily lead away from your defensive area, and will be too easy to kill. Your units from the castle are able to go over your own walls, so do not worry about them being stuck inside your base.

Dark Elixir is Key

After your town hall has reached level seven, you will probably always be in need of dark elixir. You should make sure to save your heros and spells for the times when you can gain a lot of dark elixir, and make sure that you have as much as possible.


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