Clash of Clans Characters Guide

If you want to give yourself an edge while playing this top mobile game, it pays to familiarize yourself with the different Clash of Clans characters. The following characters guide will introduce them to you, and give an overview of what they are capable of, as well as their purpose during gameplay.

There are 3 different tiers in the game, and you will have access to new troops as you progress to each of them. There are also Dark Elixir troops, as well as Heroes. In addition to each base troop type, there are rising levels for them, which gives you a huge amount of different troops in Clash of Clans.

Clash-of-Clans-TroopsTake a look at the basic Clash of Clans characters, and an overview of the higher level troops.

Tier 1

These are the “bread and butter” of your army, and also the first types of troops you will use. It is important that you learn how to effectively deploy them, and prevent them from being destroyed by your enemy.


These are the aggressive fighters of the game, with swords and golden hair and mustaches. They are the first type of troop that you will be able to make with the Barracks, once you have built it. Barbarians are a good choice for your Class Castle units. You should back up any of this unit type with some Giants or Archers, to make sure that they are not easily picked off by ranged attacks, such as Mortars.


These are the first ranged troops that you can unlock with your Barracks. They are females with green clothing, similar to Robin Hood, and they have pink hair. You should be careful to keep your Archers out of harm’s way, as they are quite weak. Their strength lies in being able to attack enemies from a long distance, and shoot over walls.

It is best to put your Archers in large groups, but don’t put them in a tight bunch, or they will be vulnerable to more powerful ranged attacks. It is a good idea to protect them with some Barbarians. Archers are also good to keep in your castle, because they can defend against both ground and air troops.


These little green creatures are like the ones you know from fairy tales. They carry a sack over their shoulder, and are intent on getting as much loot as they can possibly carry. Unlike the Barbarian and Archer, Goblins target special resource buildings.

If you are trying to take resources during an attack, they are the best thing that you can deploy. However, because they are not directly made for fighting, they can be very vulnerable to other troop types. Luckily, they are the fastest ground troop type in Clash of Clans.

Higher Level Troops

This is a brief overview of some of the more advanced troop types, which you will want to learn about, once you have mastered tier 1.


Can take plenty of damage from attacks, but they are not very good at doing high amounts of damage. You should use them as support characters, taking damage from the enemy, and leaving your other troops free to attack.

Wall breakers:

Crazy looking skeletons, running with big bombs in their hands. Their purpose is to cause high amounts of damage to enemy walls. They do not have much health, so be careful where you deploy them.


Basically Wall Breakers that have been given a balloon to ride in. Being in the air gives them an advantage over ground troops. You should keep them away from ranged units, like archers, or they will be quickly shot down.


These are the typical magic-users from many popular games and stories. They are like Archers in a way, because they use ranged attacks, and can fire over walls. You should use stronger troops, like Barbarians and Giants, as support for Wizards.


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